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 Applicants Here

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PostSubject: Applicants Here   Fri May 28, 2010 8:04 pm

How To Apply:


In order to find out if you will fit in well, we ask you to fill in an application. Here are the steps to apply to TBD:

1. Copy the 22 questions below.
2. Send answered questions to recruiter with word "Aplication" as subject.
2. Recruiter will paste the 22 answered questions into this topic.
3. Check back frequently to see if any follow up questions arose that need answering by you.
4. Decision will be communicated to you.

The process can take a few days and approval of your application requires approval from the Recruitment leader on taking you into alliance. We require that you allow us to sit your account for a day so that we can review for ourselves.

Also, you can address any questions about Time Brings Death directly to a recruiter.

Good luck,

The TBD Leaders

The Questions:

Application related questions:
1. Is this your first application to TBD?

2. If not, why was the first one rejected?

Alliance related questions:
3. Can someone within TBD vouch for you? Do you know any current members?

4. Why do you want to join TBD? (Saying we are the best is not an acceptable answer)

5. Are you or have you been part of any other alliances? If so which and why did/will you leave?

6. What do you expect of an alliance? What do we do for you? What do you do for us?

Gameplay related questions:
7. What is your Location (x,y)?

8. What are the 3 TBD villages closest to your capital? How many spaces are they away? (usehttp://travmap.shishnet.org/ for instance)

9. What is your current population? How many villages do you have?

10. What is your current resource production?

11. How long have you played Travian in general and on this server specifically? What were your in-game names on previous servers and what servers were they?

12. What are your goals for the near future as a player? As an alliance member?

13. What has been your strategy so far?

14. How long are you online each day?

15. Are you currently being farmed or attacked? If so by which player and alliance?

Teamwork related questions:
16. Are you willing work with the group defense? To send requested troops to a village if directed by a defense coordinator even if your own villages have incoming attacks?

17. Are you willing to help support/feed a TBD hammer that is not your army?

18. We're travian addicts here in TBD but we all know that RL takes precedence. If this happened to you unexpectedly, would you be willing to pass your account on via e-mail change?

19. Are you willing to share artifacts for the good of the alliance? When an artifact is passed to you will you be willing to pass the artifact to the next player when asked to?

Person related question:
20. Do you use skype?

21. Do you have any duals? if so tell us a little about them.

22. Tell us a bit more about yourself (we don't need your street address and body measurements, but job/study/hobbies/age etc. really describe a person).
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PostSubject: Re: Applicants Here   Sun Dec 19, 2010 1:32 pm

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Applicants Here
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